Who is Fu?


Who is Fu?
Kim Fu, a writer, editor, and general busybody.

What qualifies you to give advice?
Absolutely nothing. I just enjoy helping people. You can browse the archives and decide for yourself if I’m any good it. I aim to be the caring, nosy aunt you never had.

What kinds of questions do you answer?
Anything you want to ask! I’ve answered questions about sex, work, relationships, body image, family, and mental health. I favor detailed, specific questions, just because it’s hard to give advice if I don’t know enough about the situation.

Do you ever make up the questions?
I haven’t yet. Send in your questions so I don’t start!

I want to comment on your advice to a specific question.
Go ahead! Use “Re:” and the number of the column as your subject. I (would like to)¬†publish Mailbag Bonuses of additional advice and comments from readers.

I have a business proposition.
Want to advertise on Ask Fu, syndicate the column, or work with me some other way? Drop me a line at ask@kimfu.ca.